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Img15.pngToxicology Definition: Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemical, physical or biological agents on living organisms and the ecosystem. This includes the prevention and amelioration of such adverse effects.(

Dr. Early has special training in exposure/disease relationships, and low level toxin exposure issues. He uses information technology to educate and communicate with patients.

It is the goal of Upstate 0cc Med to provide timely, state of the art toxicologic services, academically and fairly, with a focus on issues of attribution and treatment.

Additional Services

  • Toxicology expert witness
  • Environmental chemical exposures expert witness
  • Benzene expert witness
  • Carbon monoxide expert witness
  • Mold expert witness
  • Mercury expert witness
  • Arsenic expert witness
  • Lead expert witness
  • Chromium expert witness
  • Drug abuse expert witness
  • Alcohol abuse expert witness
  • Toxins expert witness
  • Irritants expert witness
  • Forensic toxicology expert witness
  • Environmental toxicology expert witness
  • Medical toxicology expert witness
  • Drug toxicology expert witness
  • Industrial toxicology expert witness
  • Heavy metals expert witness
  • Chemical toxicology expert witness
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